Jellybean Series
Sonya Winner Tuesday 01 Sep 2015

Each rug in the new Jellybean series by Sonya Winner consists of a colourful mix of organic shapes, playfully arranged like scattered jellybeans.

The Jellybean range uses Sonya’s signature process of layering translucent colour blends. Each of the four designs is created from a unique colour palette. Sonya has selected four main colours for each design, these colours are then overlaid to create nine beautiful additional hues.

The bold shapes and gorgeous colour combinations of the Jellybean rugs create contemporary vibrancy and a focal point for both transitional and modern interiors.

This contemporary designer rug is hand tufted in pure New Zealand wool by Good Weave artisan weavers. Handmade and hard wearing, this is an easily washable designer rug. They can also be displayed as wall hangings.