X-Me Collection
Ellinor Ericsson Tuesday 28 Jul 2015

This furniture concept was developed after Elinor Ericsson asked herself the question; ‘Why does Nordic furniture design lack ornaments?’

In this project, Nordic furniture design was compared to the adorned Rococo style of interior décor. The goal was to find a balance between the two different aesthetics; to bring the best from both.

The result was an oversized cross-stitch in wool combined with a braided birch wood construction available in couch and lounge chair configurations. There is a balance between purity of style and decoration; the construction materials are Nordic but the effect is rococo.

The X-Me collection is designed to be lounge furniture for relaxation as well as social conversation; the shape of the furniture covers you like a basket freeing you from surrounding disturbances.

The pattern of the cross stiches are placed in order to achieve different functions - as a support for your back, arms or neck. The Couch and chair come in two colour combinations, green or blue, both in pastel hues and with an orange accent that connects them both.


Photo Credit: Freddy Billqvist