FILD Wednesday 22 Jul 2015

FILD was established in 2012 in Kiev, Ukraine by Dan Vakhrameyev. Since 2013, FILD expended its field of expertise by engaging in and successfully completing architectural & interior design, as well as branding projects, for a Yoga studio, a few beauty salons, PODOLYAN fashion store and a flower boutique in Kiev. In 2014 Kateryna Fedorenko joined FILD as an executive director. Kateryna has her background in fashion industry, gaining her experience over a period of 12 years and founding L’UVE fashion brand.

The first FILD collection of objects SUSTAINABLE ORIGINS was designed and developed by Dan Vakhrameyev in 2014. The minimalist object forms were created In virtue of assembling genuine materials of wood and metal. Accurate and conceivable design is the main principle of the collection.

The first items of SO collection were presented in December 2014, such as floor lamps (code name - SO1), pendant lamps (such as SO5, SO6, SO8), shelving units (code name SO4) and this project - the metal stool (code name - SO2 ) - a convenient and refined piece of furniture with elegant, clean lines.