The X Collection
Stickbulb Tuesday 21 Jul 2015

Stickbulb is a New York City-based manufacturer of contemporary lighting founded by Russell Greenberg and Christopher Beardsley in 2012. The company and its products are a creation of RUX, a multidisciplinary design company founded in 2008 by Creative Director Russell Greenberg

Whereas previous Stickbulb designs have been exclusively in the lighting category - table lamps, floor lamps, chandeliers, sconces etc. - the X Collection begins to blur the line between lighting and furniture. It includes illuminated pieces that can function as tables, shelving or pendant fixtures. Instead of relying upon cantilevered bulbs like previous designs, it achieves graphic and structural closed shapes inspired by hexagonal and tetrahedral forms in nature.

The X Collection combines cast brass hardware with Stickbulb’s iconic and sustainable wooden luminaries. ‘It stays true to the modular intent of Stickbulb,’ says co-founder Chris Beardsley. ‘Architectural forms as big as rooms or as small as side tables can be created from the same basic parts. There is magic in the system’s simplicity and its ability to scale in size’