Wooden Light Bulb
Ryosuke Fukusada Tuesday 07 Jul 2015

‘Akin to shining a torch through your hand,’ this is how Kyoto-based designer Ryosuke Fukusada describes the striking light emitted by his Wooden Light Bulb. To manufacture the lamp, which is also a luminaire, he uses the traditional Japanese craft technique of Rokuro, which is now very rarely practised. In collaboration with Yuki Ayabe, a master of this old craft, a more than 100 year-old pine block is turned on a lathe and carved, using traditional tools, until the bulb is between two and three millimetres thick.

The result is a light source that looks like solid wood when switched off. The shell is so thin that the light emitted by an LED light source fitted inside shows through resulting in a unique and fascinating luminescence. It seems as if the wood itself is starting to glow. “The light-emitting Wooden Light Bulb exhibits the interplay between a traditional, timeless material such as wood, and modern, durable LED technology. The LED lamp's low thermal emission was integral to the implementation of this design.

A strictly limited number of Wooden Light Bulbs, each of them a unique item hand-made over many days, is manufactured in collaboration with LEDON, premium supplier of LED lamps. The high-quality light sources produced by the Vorarlberg-based Austrian company are characterised by their extremely high colour rendering index, similar to light emitted by an incandescent lamp. A LEDON LED candle is fitted inside the wooden lamp to serve as the light source.


Photo Credit: LEDON