Pearson Lloyd Friday 03 Jul 2015

This collection of furniture and accessories, Pearson Lloyd’s first for Teknion, marks the beginning of an ongoing collaboration with the company to research future workplace trends and opportunities. Comprising a love seat, table, hat rack and table top accessories, the collection expresses ideas of well-being, community and collaboration found in the contemporary workplace.

Bringing together the issues of a healthy and more humane workplace, the collection is intended to challenge conventional thinking about working environments. The products celebrate the craft of Teknion’s manufacturing processes by playing with a mix of production techniques and traditional materials.

The Love Seat is based on an age old typology that creates an intimate space for conversation, and one that enables users to make eye contact and facilitates engagement through physical proximity.  It is the smallest meeting space you could invent, and is as natural as pulling up two chairs to talk.

Conceived as an antidote to high-density systems furniture, the High Table bundles a table, seat and coat rack, creating a simple touchdown space for a single worker. The asymmetrical form eschews the traditional workstation, whilst supporting independent work and a sense of personal space.

Among the simplest objects in the office, the Hat Rack expresses the idea of mobility; people are moving through a space and across the landscape of the workplace and need a place to hang a coat, a hat or a backpack.

Designed for use in a private office, meeting room or shared workspace, both Nest and Tray convey a truly healthy workplace by celebrating the sharing of fresh fruit, a jug of water, and a flower vase alongside the omnipotence of technology.  By recognising the importance of these elements through symbolic objects, we can point towards a new form of workplace thinking that transcends the dominance of ergonomic furniture.

Collectively, the pieces propose new functional typologies of furniture that reflect ideas of community and collaboration, which have become hardwired into contemporary workplace design.  Materials are intentionally exposed in a raw and expressive form to help balance the growing power of technology. Through the exploration of ideas outside the typical constraints of office furniture, this collection has laid the conceptual foundation for more product development to come.


Photo Credit: John Ross

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Pearson Lloyd

PearsonLloyd is a London based design studio working across a wide variety of disciplines including furniture, product, transport and the public realm. The studio was founded by Tom Lloyd and Luke Pearson in 1997. Tom and Luke met while studying at the Royal College of Art in the early 1990's, and the partnership was formed out of a shared desire to bridge the often disparate cultures of furniture and product design

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