Float Collection
MUT Design Friday 19 Jun 2015

The FLOAT range was designed to counteract the rigidity of the modern kitchen. Materials such as metal, copper, natural wood or marble are utilised by MUT Design for the brand Miraseditions. Every piece is mobile and can be moved around easily to suit the needs of the cook. Based on a minimalist and ecologically sustainable design, Float consists of five pieces of furniture characterized by simplicity: a kitchen island, a cupboard, a glass cabinet, a serving cart and a room divider.

These five pieces of furniture are inspired by classicism, but aim to be innovative. FLOAT was born out of the will to create hybrid pieces of furniture, able to comfortably adjust either to the kitchen or the living room. “Thanks to its adaptability, this kind of furniture goes beyond the domestic borders to fit into many different environments such as offices, hotels and restaurants”, Alberto Sánchez, MUT design.


Photo Credit: Asier Rua