The Crescent Light
Lee Broom Thursday 18 Jun 2015

Lee Broom is one of the UK’s leading product & interior designers. Since 2007 he has released over 75 furniture and lighting products, which he designs and manufactures under his own label and has created more than 20 products for other brands.  He has also designed over 40 commercial retail, restaurant, bar and residential interiors.

Showcased in Milan at this year’s Salone Del Mobile, the Crescent Light was proudly featured with Lee Broom’s critically and commercially praised ‘Department Store’ exhibition. An illuminated sphere sliced in half to reveal a crescent-shaped brushed brass fascia, the Crescent Light seamlessly combines the solid and the opaque.

Available in both pendant and table light variations, the Crescent light is a versatile statement piece.


Photo Credit: Arthur Woodcroft