DINO Range
KAYIWA Monday 15 Jun 2015

During the last decade, 3D printing technology advanced considerably, which allowed the DINO concept to be properly realized. “3D printing technology so far has been used mainly for decorative, smaller or less durable objects – not anymore!” points out designer Lincoln Kayiwa. All of the hangers for DINO are made to order by Materialise, a leading provider of 3D Printing services. In line with KAYIWA’s sustainability values, hangers are produced only to meet the exact demand and the remaining polyamide powder from the laser-sintered parts is reused; nothing goes to waste.

Although created with aesthetics at the forefront, it is a practical furnishing for both public spaces and homes, such as in a foyer, lounge, coatroom, walk-in closet, wardrobe, or even a fashion boutique. Suspended along an electro-polished stainless steel bar, hangers remain neat and organized and smoothly swing forward and back and/or move side-to-side for efficient hanging or removal of clothing. Hangers can be made in varying heights, to leave hanging space for long coats or to make them easy to reach for children or wheelchair users.

The DINO module is equipped with swivel casters that have brakes and, therefore, can be conjoined or separate; organized to suit the space or need. The top and bottom of each module provide storage for gloves/scarves/hats and boots/shoes, respectively

The DINO collection is available in the eight KAYIWA standard colours (black, blue, green, orange, red, violet, white and yellow), but DINO can be customized to match the current décor of your dwelling or incorporated to a company’s brand identity (logo or colour scheme).