Havengebouw Tiles
Fokkema & Partners Architecten. Tuesday 02 Jun 2015

Het Havengebouw in Amsterdam is one of the last buildings designed by architect W.M. Dudok. This remarkable monument in the harbour of Amsterdam opened in 1960. Due to transformations in the past decades the building’s entrance and restaurant lost their original grandeur. N.V. ‘Het Havengebouw’ Amsterdam wanted to revitalise the building for the generations to come. Fokkema & Partners was asked to revitalise the 1.200 sq.m interior while respecting the original structure and returning it to its former grandeur. The building got a brand new lobby and central, spiralling stair case that leads up to the new restaurant and coffee bar, that opened in July 2014.

As part of the revitalisation of the Havengebouw Amsterdam, Fokkema & Partners designed an unique ceramic tile for the coffee bar and buffet-island. FOK-lab – Fokkema’s own platform for innovation and unique architectural solutions – collaborated with Royal Tichelaar Makkum for the production of the tiles. The shape of the tiles was finalised in line with the overall design of the renovation and refer to geometrical patterns used by Dudok. A similar pattern is introduced by Fokkema & Partners in the layout of the Bianco Carrara marble floor tiles in the renovated entrance hall.

Three tiles with a facetted edge, each with a different sizes and thickness, can be put together in an endless range of patterns to generate the characteristic architectonic surface. A special glazing with an oil-like sheen, developed by Tichelaar, complements the used materials in the rest of the project such as blued steel. Royal Tichelaar Makkum hand-poured, glazed and baked over a thousand ceramic tiles in three different sizes according to a 400 year old technique, to give the bar and buffet-island its unique appearance. The tiles are framed by black steel angled section profiles and the tops of the coffee bar and buffet-island are covered in stainless steel. The combination of traditional crafts and innovation give the restaurant its unique appearance.