Harper Tile
Giles Miller Studio Friday 29 May 2015

London-based design practice, Giles Miller Studio, specialises in the development of truly innovative surface and interior design projects. The studio prides itself on the ability to deliver a diverse range of surface solutions that marry architecture with beautiful interior finish, through inspiring surface development.

Giles Miller Studio are focused on creating innovative surfaces that manipulate light and shade to illustrate pattern and texture. From bold logos to subtle patterns, their tiled surfaces are specially designed to manipulate light to create any image.

One of the Studio's most successful surfaces is the Harper tile. The cast zinc tile was created for a client who needed a surface that was both highly durable and beautiful. The counter front would be knocked by trolleys and suitcases in a high traffic area, and the studio’s response was to create a cast zinc tile that can be plated in a wide variety of metallic finishes, as well as powder coated for a softer coloured look.

The Harper tile was created for Butlers Chocolate Cafe Terminal 1 and Terminal 2 in Dublin Airport, in 2014. Giles Miller Studio created a unique tiled surface, illustrating melted chocolate that swirled across the curved counter fronts. The effect of using such a rich metallic finish, emphasised the sense of luxury and indulgence felt by the customers of the Butlers Chocolate Cafes. The warm, golden tones reflected the relaxing and comforting atmosphere of the cafes - places of refuge within an ever busy airport.

With it's truly innovative, durable and highly decorative design, the Harper tile more than fulfills the judging criteria of the World Interiors News - Surface and Interior Accessories 2015 Award. Giles Miller Studio looks at surface design in a completely new and exciting way, that brings interior and exterior projects to life. A London design studio based in the heart of Hoxton, Giles Miller Studio creates each project by hand with the help of their loyal production team. Every Harper tile for the Butlers Chocolate Cafe projects, was applied by hand to the backing panels that make up the impressive final artwork. This level of care and commitment to every project, has created an impressive list of clients for Giles Miller Studio. In its short five years, Giles Miller Studio has become regarded as one of the UK's most prominent luxury surface design companies.