BuzziSpace Wednesday 20 May 2015

Designed to tackle the challenges unique to open-floor plan environments, BuzziFalls is an elegant art piece and room dividing solution in one, by Sas Adriaenssens. A Myriad of intricate patterns, referencing art, architecture, nature and urban cityscapes, are CNC cut into two layers of adjoined BuzziFelt; BuzziSpace’s premiere acoustic and sustainable material.

The product can serve as a decorative room divider or be hung in front of a wall, acting as dimensional wallpaper with acoustical properties. BuzziFalls is available in a fixed width (80 cm) and two fixed lengths (220 cm or 250 cm). Designed to be hung from a ceiling fixture, it comes with a metal profile and a set of cables. BuzziFalls is available in seven motifs: Birch,
Alhambra, Rain, Orient, Leaf, Royal and Skyline (available as a triptych). The product will make its North American debut at ICFF in New York this May and will be shown at NeoCon this June.


Photo Credit: BuzziSpace