Closer designed by Diego Grandi
Zucchetti Wednesday 13 May 2015

A world leader in bathroom design, Zucchetti offers stylish brassware collections for the contract and domestic sectors. 

The company’s close collaborations with the world’s most renowned international designers have resulted in many award winning design concepts.

Closer is destined to become one of these. This totally unique, original and exciting new collaboration between Zucchetti and Diego Grandi breaks all design boundaries. Closer is a revolutionary and dynamic reworking of the traditional idea of a shower head.

With Closer, Diego Grandi’s intention is to completely redefine the concept of a shower, beginning with how it looks, through to how it performs, creating a product that appeals to all the senses. 

Closer is perfectly in tune with the needs of modern life combining an inspirational design concept with practical function resulting in an exhilarating showering experience. 

Taking the shape of a lamp as his inspiration Diego Grandi has added a cylindrical counterweight for balance to ensure that the showerhead is stable in any position and at any height, and which also acts as an aesthetically pleasing visual counterpoint within his overall design. 

Closer’s wall-mounted horizontal and vertical swivel system provides multi-directional movement enabling the user to create his or her personal and very individual showering experience. Simple and intuitive to use, Closer will let the water flow freely all over the body, massaging gently or firmly, to revitalise and refresh both body and mind.

“My aim was to create a product with almost total flexibility. The concept is simple: the name comes both from your movement towards the water, and from the water that follows you”. Diego Grandi, designer.