Vase #1
Atelier GertJan Monday 13 Apr 2015

Gert-Jan Soepenberg of Atelier GertJan studied architecture before moving into the world of product design and interestingly found both fields surprisingly similar; the variations being in terms of scale and obviously time required to realise a project. The meeting of design worlds led to the material utilised in this vase being concrete; a long-time favourite of the architectural community.

Gert-Jan decided that the vase was the perfect direction for Atelier GertJan as it allows for so much freedom of form. Inspired by the work of Oscar Niemeyer, namely his design of the Palácio da Alvorada (pictured), the form of the vase came to fruition. Rotational moulding was used to create a product of delicate detail but strong form and many prototypes were developed and discarded before this final product was realised.

In the designer’s own words ‘I hope people will appreciate my tribute to architecture in product form. It would be great if my collection would make them look at architectural form differently and admire the great architects even more.’ The vase is the first exploration of the theme of architecture in design and a series of different building influenced vases are in the making including Vase #2 based on the Guggenheim New York.