Lava Range
Peca Tuesday 07 Apr 2015

Peca is an independent design studio based in Guadalajara, Mexico. The designers at Peca focus on creating products that are carefully crafted and manufactured and feature hidden details to continuously surprise and delight their customers. Caterina Moretti, architect and designer for Peca, states that the right piece of furniture or accessory can make an entire room beautiful, and accent pieces that have the ability to light up their surroundings are Peca’s trademark.

The Lava range by Caterina Moretti and Ana Saldaña for Peca is a stellar example of this interior design philosophy. This set of plates is carved from volcanic stone, then the dark colour palette of the stone is contrasted with brass accents. Many of Caterina’s designs are inspired by the aesthetic richness of nature and here the wild stone texture has been polished and tamed to create beautiful household objects with subtle, organic lines.

The Lava range comes as a set of three plates of differing sizes and shapes.