Tuesday 31 Mar 2015

This new fixture from Belgian architectural lighting company Modular Lighting Instruments feels equally at home in an energy-efficient, ergonomic office environment as in a sleekly designed home office.

Vaeder comprises an outer shell and a new, in-house designed honeycomb that perfectly traces its outer contours. Concealed inside are two visible LED light lines and a slim diffuser. So rather than becoming a bombastic beacon of light, the fixture offers practical office lighting that is also dimmable.

For Vaeder, the honeycomb provided the inspiration for developing a better-performing fixture. The natural structure has been improved, both visually and functionally. Thus the combs themselves are slightly more rounded and have been deepened, creating a lower glare ratio. The hexagonal sides have been reshaped so that they connect seamlessly to the outer shell, whilst remaining recognisable Vaeder can be supplied either surface mounted or as a pendant.

Vaeder is available with an outer shell in a white, black or donkey grey structure. The honeycomb is available in black or white.