The Memory Clock
Monom Friday 27 Mar 2015

Monom is a product innovation team that aims to breathe new life and create new markets into the world of domestic objects and technology.  Professionals of design, technology, marketing, and business; Monom propose products that have never existed before by combining design with creativity.

Jointly developed by Monom, a product innovation team and IMG SRC, a creative design agency, their latest product innovation, the Memory Clock, is a clock to deepen family ties by keeping time and memories. The memory clock does this as it displays photos on the same date they were taken each year. The clock can link to smartphones and computers so it is easy transferring the photos you have taken especially as you can synchronize multiple units and even share photos with family living apart.

The clock was developed as a useful and elegant way to deepen family ties by encouraging the recollection of family memories at random moments. In an age where people take more photos than they will ever have the time to display, it makes sense to have a way to showcase your photos within everyday objects. It is hoped the product will blend naturally into people’s everyday lives and act as a catalyst for looking at old photos again, whether quick snaps taken on a smartphone or serious photography taken with an SLR.

The Memory Clock is a concept model. Monom are now looking for businesses that will work together with them towards the goal of marketing the Memory Clock.