Showcase Mirrors
Studio Thier & Van Daalen Monday 23 Mar 2015

Studio Thier & Van Daalen have created eye-catching showcase cabinets with mirrored glass, your unique objects fit in with the advantage that you can see it from all sides.

The fascinating effect of a floating bubble which adapts to its surroundings until it snaps, was the inspiration for this new series of objects in glass combined with wood by Studio Thier & Van Daalen. They came up with the idea to blow a round bubble of glass in a square frame made from wood. To challenge two ancient handmade crafts; free glassblowing and fine wood-working.

Wet wood is commonly used as a mould in free hand glassblowing but never as a definitive part of the end object. Studio Thier & Van Daalen saw this as a beautiful element that can be utilised to achieve a striking end result. The glass will mark the wood forever during blowing, therefore the wooden mould and its object in glass match perfectly together. With this new method Studio Thier & Van Daalen created different objects, to showcase your most precious objects.