LOK Clock
Helena Franca Tuesday 17 Mar 2015

The LOK collection by Helena Franca is a family of two clocks; a handle clock and a shelf clock. The simple form is made from laser cut plexiglass acrylic sheets but each clock then has an additional detail that adds a functional aspect to the clock.

The handle LOK Clock has a hand hold making it easy to carry the clock between rooms and its stable form means that you can simply place it against a wall. Whilst fixed to a wall the handle then serves a different functional use as a hanger for ties, scarves, glasses or other small accessories. The Shelf LOK has a fitted shelf where all the small everyday things we acquire can be placed for easy access.

The clock’s minimalist design incorporates indents rather than numbers so that it can be positioned at any angle and features clock hands in a variety of colours so that you can personalise the clock to suit the room and your style.

The LOK Clock is an attractive clock that serves a variety of functional purposes and is perfect for the family home.