Beaubien Light
Lambert & Fils Studio Tuesday 10 Mar 2015

Lambert & Fils will unveil an all-new lighting fixture in the United States during the 27th International Contemporary Furniture Fair (ICFF) in New York City. A few months ago the company started distributing its products in the United States, and will now make its first appearance at the ICFF, with the aim of expanding its network and making further inroads in the American market; which has already received the arrival of Lambert & Fils with enthusiasm. The company’s creations can be found at Haute Living in Chicago, House of Honey in California and Property in New York, among others.

Made of aluminium, powder coated steel and brass, the Beaubien is situated in an industrial and graphic aesthetic inspired by traditional Chinese screens. Rather than striving to fit in with current trends, the fixture references both modernism and the Memphis movement of the 1980s. This combination of influences gives the Beaubien, like the rest of the Lambert & Fils product line, a timeless and universal character.

Research and development are crucial to the designers’ creative process, guided by instinct and passion rather than rational objectives. Local design, hand finishing and attention to detail ensure that the resulting product is a high-end piece suitable for a variety of residential and commercial environments.

The company’s founder and artistic director, Samuel Lambert, sees the new product as much more than simple lighting; 'it is a signature piece, emblematic of the company’s expertise.'

Photo credit: Adrien Williams