BuzziSpace Tuesday 03 Mar 2015

BuzziSpace is a relative newcomer to the office furniture scene in the USA. It’s a brand that launches products frequently, responding to demands in the market and constantly ideating on new solutions for the modern day workspace.To the casual observer, the results are bright, colourful, and oftentimes quirky and their newest launch is the quintessential example of this; The BuzziCactus.

The BuzziCactus is a freestanding space divider that offers the same acoustical solutions as traditional ceiling or wall panels, but with added flexibility as it can be easily moved. At the same time it colours the work environment making it more approachable and fun. The cactus form is very tactile and is designed to bring a smile to the viewer.

As with all BuzziSpace products, these larger-than-life office ‘plants’ are made out of sustainable materials and have acoustical properties, giving them both a practical and decorative use. BuzziCactus was designed as an unexpected and fun element, meant to breathe new life into open floor plan environments. The multipurpose surface acts as an art piece, room divider and bulletin board as you can stick pins into its BuzziFabric exterior.

BuzziCactus was designed in collaboration with Sas Adriaenssens, an industrial designer from Antwerp, whose work for BuzziSpace has won several awards for its innovative and ecological characteristics that merge form with function. The plants are composed of recycled honeycomb cardboard and foam, covered in BuzziFabric (a 100% recycled material consisting of 70% recycled wool, 25% recycled polyacrylic and 5% recycled rags), and they stand on a metal foot.