Booming Vases
Analogia Project Tuesday 03 Mar 2015

The Booming Vases Collection is the result of a collaboration between Analogia Project and master ceramicist Alessio Sarri. The aim of the design was to experiment with two opposing elements; air and matter, power and fragility.

The collection gets its name from the process used to create the striking vases. Gunpowder is exploded within the object whilst the ceramic clay is still wet and malleable. This explosion not only opens the top of the vase, but also gives a distinct shape to the piece and texture to the coloured exterior. In this way, the moment of explosion is caught within the design giving the Vases a dramatic presence within a space but also a fragile beauty.

These vases are described by the designer as an example of ‘wrong ceramics’. The vases deliberately go against the regular conventions of a ceramicist; they are painted whilst still fresh, they mix ceramic and porcelain and have abnormal thicknesses to the clay. This experimental approach has led to an object of beauty that evokes surprise in the viewer and subverts the traditions of the world of ceramics.