Ilias Ernst Friday 27 Feb 2015

Simple forms combined with natural materials give Ilias Ernst's Clork its unique look and feel. One of the corners is a right angle which stabilises the clock so that it can stand up right on a desk, shelf or bedside table. The Clork comes in either natural or black cork and has a simple design that would enhance a variety of different interiors.

The Clork is part of a collection for Puik Art, a partnership of young, talented Dutch designers. The Clork is cut from a massive piece of cork and then shaped entirely by hand; impressive to note that this was the first time Ilias had worked with Cork. The dial is a metal sheet which strikes an attractive contrast with the cork housing.

The simple aesthetic is continued through the absence of numbers on the clock face, instead subtle depressions are visible at 12, 3, 6 and 9. Chunky curved black minute and hour hands add to the playful appearance of the clock.

As Ilias Ernst describes it "Time rolls on, but once in a while you need to stand still. Clork does not present a full circle; it has an edge that stabilizes you for the moment."