Cuckoo Clock Redesign
HEAD – Genève, Geneva University of Art and Design Thursday 26 Feb 2015

The cuckoo clock once evoked the simplicity of an idealised rural life in an Alpine setting, but what remains of the Swiss cuckoo clock today?

This project of renewing the iconic timepiece was conceived by designer Claudio Colucci, at the invitation of Jean-Pierre Greff, Director of HEAD - Geneva. The result is 24 updated cuckoo clocks, created by young designers in the Masters in Design program at the HEAD, directed by Alexandra Midal, and by international guest designers, including James Auger, Marco Borraccino, Nitzan Cohen, Camille Scherrer and Matali Crasset.

Claudio Colucci put the designers to the challenge of reinventing the cuckoo in a contemporary fashion while retaining the main quality of the traditional cuckoo: telling a story while marking the hours by their regular song.

Whether the bird's little Swiss chalet is replaced by an apartment building or converted into a dock for a tablet and smart phone; these clocks have modernised whilst retaining that wonderful tradition.