Pull Handle
Pereen d’Avoine Wednesday 18 Feb 2015

Young architect Pereen d'Avoine has developed a simple, affordable and stylish set of pull handles that can be installed without using a single screw or nail. Pereen designed the Russian For Fish Ironmongery range as she could not find quality, well-designed ironmongery at a reasonable price anywhere on the market. Her own products were an instant success with both clients and fitters.

The production method for the moulded, screw-free door pulls has been thoroughly researched. Russian For Fish Ironmongery invested in a die and extrusion process that creates the clean angles on the aluminium extrusion and gives the handles their elegant appearance.  The handles are then vapour blasted prior to anodising or powder coating.

As well as offering high design at low cost, the products are also uniquely constructed so that no screws or nails are used. To fit the pulls one cuts a 100mm slit into the length of the door or cupboard. The pull is then fixed by gluing the flat edge and pulling the handle forward to adhere the glued edge to the wood. The principle and process is the same for all the handles.
The pulls and handles are available in 3 variations: a double door pull, a single horizontal pull and an under counter handle, which can be used horizontally or vertically. There are four standard colours: silver, gold, white and neon pink. The product can also be produced bespoke in any width and any RAL colour.