the lovely lamp
Thursday 05 Feb 2015

Luminose - the lovely lamp is the whimsical light designed to look like man's best friend. From the minds of design duo Elizabeth Zimmer and Márton Lente, the Luminose lamp can be positioned in a variety of ways to emulate a dog sitting, stretching or standing; it's a lamp with real personality.

Elizabeth started her design by mapping the architectural movements of a dog whilst Márton developed the branding. Elizabeth made the lamp customizable featuring three different colours (natural, white and black) for the body and three different lead colours (red, blue or pink) which also act as the wires.

The lamp is made from high quality oak for the natural edition, and beech wood for the white and black versions. An LED panel is installed into the wooden components so that the lamp uses 85 percent less energy than a standard table lamp, keeping with the brand's ethical policies.

With its sleek, clean lines and customisable features, Luminose - the lovely lamp has bags of personality and a charm that will certainly put a smile on any visitor's face.