&New Monday 02 Feb 2015

From the minds of British-Finnish design duo Jo Wilton and Mirka Grohn comes &New. Playing on the contrast between industrial steel and a vivid colour palette from pretty pastels to bold block colours, &New mixes function and style in a way that seems effortless.

Tipped by The Architectural Digest as one of 'five UK based brands and design studios worth keeping an eye on,' Wilton and Grohn use powder-coated steel with different woods to produce a variety of furniture. 'Steel was the perfect material for us,' says Wilton. 'It has the strength, purity and delicacy we were looking for to produce pieces that are long-lasting and strong as well as beautiful.'

The collection is elegant but practical.  ‘Our designs are eye-catching with geometric shapes and interesting colours,' says Grohn, ‘there is an element of playfulness within the designs and colours, but all the items are actually also very practical'. The clean lines look great against period details as well as in modern spaces and the compact proportions compliment modern living.

The entirety of &New is manufactured in Leicester and in small batches. Each piece has a distinct personality due to the welding processes creating subtle differences between two of the same product, ‘in making the furniture like this we celebrate those little imperfections that make things beautiful'.