The Cartocci Print Collection
Paola Paronetto Wednesday 28 Jan 2015

Paola Paronetto's family of Paper Clay products never ceases to amaze and she has recently extended the collection dramatically. The Cartocci Print Collection is made from the same materials as previous collections but present a new aesthetic direction through the addition of a variety of textures that enhance their fragile beauty.

The Cartocci Print Collection, and the vases Tulipani and Anemoni, are on display for the first time at the annual Parisian trade fair; ‘Maison&Objet.' Although primarily only appearing in neutral tones of white and grey, the collection has expanded to include a wide range of colours  as well as various choices of detailing such as gold adornments or pops of colour.

Inspired by the natural world, the uniqueness of the pieces is born out of the labour intensive and skilful process that Paola uses in creating the range. Paper, card, pulp and cellulose fibres are added to the ceramic mixture before firing giving the finished product a delicate, fragile look that evokes a sensation in the viewer to touch. The handmade element results in the final products differing in size, texture and shape ensuring that every product is unique with its own personality. The Cartocci Print collection is further embellished by a second firing with opaque crystals resulting in a striking contrast of textures that truly stimulates the senses of the viewer. Paola Paronetto's creations are both artworks and furnishing objects at the same time.

Photo Credit Marco Auber