Kreisdesign Wednesday 28 Jan 2015

Swiss born, London based designer Nikki Kreis, Founder of studio Kreisdesign, has updated the archetypal pegboard with her innovative Peg-it-all range.

Pegboard have long been the go-to practical storage solution for studios and workspaces. Kreis' adaptations are made from heavy-duty Birch Plywood and feature sturdy holes and pegs, along with a range of new accessories.

Peg-it-all comprises a variety of shelves and pegs, all of which slot into the main board to provide an endless range of storage options. The range is suitable for any space in the home or workplace; whether in the kitchen, study, hallway or bedroom, the Peg-it-all range is available in multiple sizes and can also be cut to size to fit more awkward spaces, such as a kitchen splashback or under the stairs.

Birch Ply provides a utilitarian look, while white or black versions are available for a monochrome aesthetic. The pegs come with with round ends, practical in children's rooms and hallways, or straight for a more contemporary design. Hanging accessories such as clipboard can also be supplied.

Kreis comments: "Traditional pegboards tend to be light with small holes, I wanted to create something much more sturdy that could have applications all around the home. My pegboards are hand-made in the UK from 2cm thick Ply and come with a range of useful accessories making them the ultimate flexible storage solution for the home."