Mobília Tomada
Mata Adentro Monday 26 Jan 2015

Brazilian visual artist Rodrigo Bueno is known for rescuing natural materials and using them within his work. Founder of studio Mata Adentro, which translates as an invitation to the ‘Jungle Inside', Bueno calls attention to the organic medium of wood due to an abundance of waste wood and fallen trees in Brazil, oriented by a sleek constructivism and seasoned by human imagery.

The artist transforms wood and other reclaimed matter such as flowers into installations, sculptures, paintings and objects that speak about the continuity of life.  In ‘Mobília Tomada', or ‘blossom-found furniture', pieces such as second hand couches, chairs and tables are given new life by bedding plants in the seats and backrests and intertwining branches and leaves around chair legs.

Bueno plays on the friction between culture and nature, expanding the limits of design by encouraging the subversion of functions. The found furniture becomes living furniture, giving birth to sprouts and inhabited by fungus which helps to reveal the state of matter and the origin of its structure.

Mobília Tomada transforms ordinary and discarded pieces of furniture into tools of enchantment for the viewer, appealing to their senses of touch and vision. Agnaldo Farias comments that the project wakes the user, giving life, ‘as if celebrating the fact that, after all, there is no death, but continuous transformation, thread states and transmutations.'

Photo Credit: Douglas Garcia