Loudordesign Studio Monday 26 Jan 2015

Passage is a collection of rugs designed by Jean-François D'Or of Loudordesign Studio, produced and distributed by Belgian rug brand ANGELO.

D'Or's design concept relates to a spider on a mirror of water, his feet rising only with the white stripes of light from the sun. This is his ‘pedestrian dance'; stubborn, the spider refuses any mistake that could cause him to fall into ‘the depths of the asphalt'.

The Passage rugs are based on the proportions and rhythm of pedestrian crossings in the street; their designs are abstract, an evocation to passing time and the walk of life. Each one plays with structure, materials, patterns and densities, created from Pure New Zealand wool and viscose with around 30 patterns available, based on a range of six colours.

Photo Credit: Lenzer Photographers