Fedor Katcuba Friday 16 Jan 2015

Russian architect and designer Fedor Katcuba works on both individual interior space and furniture projects, as well as product design for mass production. His latest piece of furniture ‘workinmotion' is a set of tables for co-working spaces.

The essential idea behind his design was having the ability to quickly and easily transform a stationary piece of furniture into one that is portable. This mobility is made possible thanks to a pair of wheels on one side of the table and the convenient support at the back, a combination that makes moving the piece as easy as grabbing the table by the handle and taking it with you.

The tables can be grouped together and arranged in order to accommodate for strategic meetings, conferences and collective tasks. A secret compartment, located inside of the table top, can be used to store office materials. Additionally, an electrical outlet can be built into this compartment for charging mobile devices or operating lighting.