Eco Pot
Julia Kononenko Thursday 15 Jan 2015

Ukrainian product and furniture designer Julia Kononenko has designed a versatile desk accessory, suitable for homes and offices alike.

The ‘Eco Pot' is a small wooden planter with integrated pen holder. It invites the user to welcome nature into their daily lives, by combining one corner for pens and pencils with another corner for plants. The planter holds pens and pencils vertically, with variations that are suitable for biros and also large markers. The remaining space becomes the user's own miniature garden.

Multiple planters can be grouped together, providing more space for pens and also a larger area of greenery. Thus a single object unites two varied functions, with a practical side for storage and a green side to ‘soothe the soul'.

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Julia Kononenko

Graduate of Kharkiv State Academy of Design and Arts. Specialty - Industrial Design. Member of the 'Union of Designers of Ukraine'