AAIDO MA Thursday 08 Jan 2015

Bothles is a collection of double-use vases for displaying both cut flowers and growing plants, designed by Italian product and interior design studio AAIDO MA and produced by LITHHO Ceramic Italy srl.

The vases incorporate the aesthetic qualities of plants into their design; they are decorative but also functional. Composed of two parts, the lower area of each vase acts as a bed for the plant while the upper section allows for the user to water it. This upper section can also be used to display cut flowers.   

The bottom part of each vase is made of glazed ceramic, while the upper part is Vulcocer, AAIDO MA's patented material created from lava stone with a waterproof treatment. The warmth of this material complements the glazed ceramic, resulting in a unique design that make growing plants a standout feature in any home.

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AAIDO MA is an Italian studio focused in product and interior design with a broad perspective of architecture that considers a way to envisage a dialogue with the world of objects and more importantly to question traditional boundaries between scales, media, manufacturing and types of spectatorship and usership.