360 shelf
Luka Pirnat Friday 02 Jan 2015

The 360 shelf is an adjustable shelving display unit designed by Luka Pirnat. The system changes the way books, technological gadgets and objects are organised in the user's space, with a simple and practical solution that is easily adjustable from any angle.

Using a simple built in adjustment system hidden inside the product, 360 shelf takes objects for a spin. It can be set at any angle for practical or aesthetic purposes and has an enviable span that ranges from a chic shelf for books and magazines and handy landing area for technology, to space for simple stashing or displaying of home objects.

The 45 degree wooden profiles inside the frame are made from solid beech wood for a natural feel. The frame gives support to any square or even round objects in various shapes and sizes.  A custom made holder was developed, which is zinc plated, with custom brass pin that gives the user a perfect grip at any angle, allowing them to easily change the angle of the shelf after installation.

The shelf is available in four different finishes: stained, mustard yellow, pure white or natural. Multiple shelves can be used to create wall patterns, in one or several colours; 360 shelf is more than a practical product, it is one that can brighten up any wall in the house.

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Luka Pirnat

As an Industrial Design graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Ljubljana, Luka Pirnat interlaces simplicity, innovation and functionality with a set of principles concerned with the nature and appreciation of beauty. His main focus is recognised through product design and development for various public objects and mass-produced as well as hand-crafted products. He currently works as an independent designer exploring design possibilities in everyday objects, shaping the future of constantly evolving design experience.