Fin Cloud
Studio Avni Wednesday 02 Jul 2014

Fin Cloud light series is a sculptural interpretation of biomorphism; a 20th century art movement which draws upon naturally occurring patterns in nature for artistic design inspiration. The concept is furthered through this design by the replication of Fin modules around the central spine of the structure, creating an organic bilateral composition. Bilateral symmetry is of particular significance to the designers, due to it being the most recognised balanced form found in nature.

The ethereal light sculptures generated are somewhat reminiscent of scaly marine creatures which display forms that have a physical and mathematical basis with bioluminescence characteristics. The evolved light structures are biological analogues of these creatures, mimicking their bilateral geometries, not only by reflection but also by rotation of repeated elements. 

Using traditional handicraft techniques with references to strong geometrical construction principles, Studio Avni produced the entire collection by hand, borrowing from the legacy of rich Indian handicrafts.