Faceted Tactile Lighting Collection
Studio Avni Wednesday 02 Jul 2014

The Faceted Tactile Light Collection is a tactile, sensory lighting experience which uses traditional materials and re-contextualises them to exploit their inherent qualities. Sheets of metal are cut and linked together or stitched piece by piece, to form a mosaic of repetitive cellular structures which result in a tessellated geometrical form. The tessellations reveal geometrical lines of construction and light permeates the facets where they have been linked and where they have stretched.

The Faceted Dome lights are based on Buckminster Fuller's geodesic dome. The Faceted Chandelier draws inspiration from a modular structure which allows for the construction of larger structures intended for public spaces. The design involves integrating material integrity and longevity using basic construction principles and applications to find new means of expression.  Over a period of time the metal develops a patina that adds to the natural look and glow of the ambient light. 

Using traditional handicraft techniques with references to strong geometrical construction principles, the entire collection is produced by hand, borrowing from the legacy of rich Indian handicrafts.

Lights within the collection are available in brass, copper, bronze, German silver and PVC.