Bell Lamp
Normann Copenhagen Tuesday 24 Jun 2014

Normann Copenhagen presents Bell, designed by Andreas Lund and Jacob Rudbeck

The expression is robust, the form is simple. Bell is a pendant lamp in an iconic bell shape with special attention paid to its details. Its round, even surface gives the lamp the impression of having been cast. Rather than being hidden, the meeting between the lead and the lamp is accentuated in a modern and original way. 

With Bell, designers Andreas Lund and Jacob Rudbeck have focused on designing a lamp where the design of the fixtures has space to unfold. The use of contrasting materials creates a pendant that is simplistic and modern. Bell is a directional lamp that changes character and creates new experiences when a person moves around it. The lighter coloured interior reflects light, which falls like a cone and provides good lighting over a dining table while the matte exterior of Bell creates a solid silhouette.

Andreas Lund and Jacob Rudbeck decided to emphasise the often downplayed elements in lamp design such as the connection point between the lead and lamp. Here these elements are not only evident but they have become primary aspects of the design. Historically, bells have been used to call people together, to gather people. In the same way light is a gatherer and stands as a symbol of calm and tranquillity. Combining these two concepts, Bell is a simplistic yet robust compliment to the creation of cosy, intimate spaces. 

Bell comes in four sizes and two colour combinations, making the lamp an ideal light source throughout various interior spaces. Hang a cluster of Bell lamps in the kitchen, use a pair over the dining table, or illuminate a large hall or office environment.