Fifti-Fifti Tuesday 24 Jun 2014

From fifti-fifti, a new label designing products for different areas of life, comes Backpack: Modular Shelving System. The young company produce objects that are highly original and individually functional, with inspiration coming from the rapid change that designer Maximilian Schmahl observes with Berlin city life. His observations are transformed into reduced, simple and poetic designs.

Backpack was designed as a modular and light shelf system, which is useful for office/work spaces as well as as living quarters, entrance areas and kitchens.   The wooden shelves (up to 6) are infinitely variable in their positions and continuously adjustable along belt straps by an unique kind of fixture, easily mounted at a wall. Backpack is supplemented with clips for bookends and with a wardrobe bar. Due to its adaptability, the space can house a variety of items.

Laminated wood was used for the shelves, coated with white melamin.  The belts are availabel in white, light grey and anthracite grey.  Fastening fixtures, made from 2 mm steel, come in powder-coated versions of the same colours.