Neo Laminati
kelly behun | STUDIO Tuesday 24 Jun 2014

Neo Laminati by kelly behun | STUDIO and Alex P.White is an exclusive collection for SUITE NY, which reinterprets some of the 20th century's most memorable design movements: Avant Garde, OpArt, the Memphis Group and Minimalism. Together, the designers collaborate to produce unique, highly customised designs that treat the domestic environment as more of a sculptural landscape than just a furniture arrangement.   

With each piece surfaced in high quality laminates, the collection is available in a range of finish combinations including three custom-designed stripe patterns and a rainbow of pre-selected solid colours. Completely unique pieces are also possible and are realised by the Studio upon order. 

The Studio debuted additions to the Neo Laminati collection in 2014. Inspired by Behun's recent trip to Morocco, the new pieces evolved from a partnership with local craftspeople in Marrakech to create unique woven rugs made from found remnants of fabric. By printing the painterly forms of the original rugs directly onto the laminate, and combining them with the precision of linear stripes, the organic confuses the geometric and the handmade becomes digital. 

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Photo credit: Sherry Griffin