BuzziSpace Wednesday 18 Jun 2014

A modern take on the historical milking stool, BuzziMilk, creates a warm and homey feeling at work. Yet unlike historical milking stools, the BuzziMilk has four legs and a cushion for a softer look and feel.  

BuzziMilk rounds out the brand's offering of furnishings that create collaborative, acoustically- minded office work stations, conference zones or third spaces, as it is petite and fully mobile.

Utilitarian in design, BuzziMilk is also available as a small side table. These stools can be paired with a range of wood finishes and Buzzi textiles in felt or wool. 

BuzziSpace meets the challenges of the collaborative workspace with products that inspire interaction through simple, sustainable, and acoustically-driven design. The brand is committed to authentic, solution-based product development, outfitting some of the world's most innovative brands. Through careful selection of materials, BuzziSpace ensures all products meet the highest-standards of performance and environmental stewardship.