Nir Meiri Monday 16 Jun 2014

Nir Meiri, in collaboration with redesignD, created a series of vessels that walk the thin line between art and functional design, continuing his line of work with matter and form.

The series includes two vases for a single flower; three lidded boxes; two candlesticks; and three trays - all combining natural materials such as bamboo and chipboard with Corian, which was manipulated by the designer to resemble stone. Each object was built layer by layer to create a singular rich and vivid texture.

Babel is inspired by the architecture of ancient cities, temples and altars, resonating human kind's aspiration to touch the sky. As a series, the vessels illustrate an ancient city's skyline, while each one stands alone as a functional product with a powerful presence that strikes the imagination.

Each object is hand-made by the designer, who offers an out-of-the-ordinary approach to everyday objects. Carefully selected materials - often raw and wild - are shaped into unique clean-cut forms, creating innovative products that play on the tension between the domesticated and the untamed.