GREEN BLADE Acoustic Panels
FIBANDCO Tuesday 27 May 2014

Sustainable exotic solutions

Used as a decorative surface, Green Blade® is a veneer made from recycled banana plant trunks. This innovative material brings to Fibandco's acoustic range a warm ‘wood-like' look without contributing to deforestation. The banana plant has one life cycle, after bearing its fruit Fibandco transforms it into a sustainable veneer with 100% recycled content. The plant will then regenerate itself for a new nine month cycle.

The focus of the acoustic collection stems from Fibandco's wish to offer complete sustainable solutions to architects and designers. One key innovation in the range allows for micro perforations to reach a sound absorption of up to 90%, whilst maintaining minimal aesthetic impact. Indeed, the perforations are so small that they are barely visible to the naked eye and blend into the decor of the natural grain of Green Blade® veneer.

Panels come in large and small formats for all types of support systems, for ceilings and walls. All products are produced in Europe, and can be delivered all over the world. Choice in the acoustic range is wide, but we also take great pride in providing custom solutions to meet every architect and designer's unique needs.