Cloverleaf Sofa
VERPAN Friday 23 May 2014

The Cloverleaf sofa is one of the many furniture designs created by Verner Panton for the famous Visiona 2 exhibition in 1970. Only small numbers of this particular piece of furniture were originally produced, and it was never launched commercially. 2012 saw a ‘reissue' of the sofa; in fact it is effectively its first proper issue.

Its characteristic cloverleaf shape has made it an eye-catching piece that stands out and has rightfully earned it its iconic status in today's world of design. It's as relevant today as when it was designed in 1969.

Panton was a master of the fluid and he had a unique way of combining form, function and colour to obtain his very unique and recognisable style. The Cloverleaf sofa was designed as a seating landscape where people could sit comfortably and talk - a mission very well accomplished. The snake-like backrests face alternatively inwards and outwards providing a large number of niches in which one person can sit, thus making it perfect for sitting in small groups or alone still with a small private sphere.