Tabisso Tuesday 13 May 2014

Presenting Ciel!, the new collection from TABISSO designed by Noé Duchaufour Lawrance - a range of high-end armchairs for the Contract and the hospitality market, with fine smooth shapes and taut lines.  

The collection was inspired by the project Ciel de Paris, located on the top floor of the Tour Montparnasse. The restaurant, redesigned by Noé Duchaufour Lawrance in 2012, was transformed into a comfortable, timeless venue where every detail was thought for the wellbeing of the guests. These emotions were directly transcribed into the design of the bespoke furniture which was imagined especially for the occasion and produced by TABISSO. Following up on this high-flying project, the collection Ciel! offers variations of the armchair, the idea being to transpose the soothing and cosy atmosphere of the unique venue into other spheres both private and professional.

Lawrance explains: "My point is that design is not just a response to a functional need, it also brings a poetic dimension. I wanted this range to be narrative, in the sense that its elaborate line would speak out, and its elegance would evoke reassuring thoughts."

The enveloping outer shell provides either a warm touch using different wood types (walnut or oak) or a glossy render with smooth surfaces, in black or white thermoformed recycled material. The seat is upholstered with fabrics of genuinely fresh and bright colours, selected among the Kvadrat® and Gabriel® ranges for their refinement. The variety of options for the base generously helps this collection meet the aesthetic and  functional needs of the different intended uses.

The five models, in either metallic or wood materials, offer various customisation options such as swivel and caster seating. With such an array of possibilities, Ciel! allows for the perfect match when designing interiors as diverse as offices, hotels, restaurants, or indeed the home.

Sustainability is also a core element of this range, eco-designed from the start, in choice of materials, ease of components (dis)assembly and short logistic cycles with suppliers. Notably the use of 3D wood molding, allowing to give its complex shape to the shell structure, helps reach the environmental goal. It also makes it the first furniture reference project in France to use this technology.

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TABISSO® is a dynamic design company based in France, Nantes-St Nazaire. We create and manufacture high-end design furniture, focusing on professional markets and Contract applications. All products are made-to-order in France within a few weeks.

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