Y Chair
Tom Dixon Thursday 08 May 2014

Tom Dixon's recent adventures in hotel, restaurants, bar and office design got them looking for a chair to withstand heavy use, constant knocks and the daily abuse of the professional world. Additionally, they wanted this chair to have a recognisable silhouette, an ergonomic shape and a modern attitude. It seemed the designers could not find what they wanted, and after a lot of fruitless searching decided on the most logical decision: they made their own.

Two years of complex engineering and intense shape-making later, it looks like Tom Dixon have made the chair they desired, and one that others will definitely covet too.

The Y Chair's expressive form is injection moulded in glass-reinforced nylon which is extremely fatigue resistant - absorbing shock and load through its flexibility and tested to contract level.  The shape of the Y chair is prompted by ergonomics - with lumbar support, space for the spine and a generous brace for the shoulder blades; all adding to its instantly recognisable silhouette. This is a chair for every occasion and all spaces: office buildings, showrooms, public halls, function rooms, cafés, restaurants, canteens, banks, bars and the home, it's for every one!


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Tom Dixon

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