Henrybuilt Thursday 01 May 2014

Opencase, introduced in May 2013, is a reconfigurable storage system that unites furniture level craft with high function and impeccable design. 

The shortcomings of most modular shelving systems stem partially from the use of ‘wall standards', or some form of vertical support for shelving. The rod and panel design of Opencase allows for more seamless aesthetic integration into a space, while enabling great adaptability in terms of functionality. 

The backbone of the system is an interchangeable set of precision-machined steel rod supports, which allow for a variety of functional components to be attached to the wall - and to be changed out in minutes by anyone living with the system. The base of each rod remains fixed within the panel, while the rods can be unscrewed and moved to create different configurations. Specialised components rest on the rods allowing them to be easily reconfigured. The functionality and flexibility of Opencase represents an evolution of Henrybuilt's systems approach, as well as an increased level of manufacturing sophistication. 

The Opencase System works in a wide range of applications and is designed to evolve with the user's needs over time. A single Opencase panel can easily be adapted to a wide range of uses. Starting point configurations have been developed for entryways, libraries, offices, wine storage, pantries, wardrobes, utility closets, laundry, and children's rooms. 

The product includes a full suite of specialised components. Each component is handcrafted from the very best materials. The palette is broad, and includes steel, solid wood and leather fittings, as well as pieces sculpted from solid composite panels. A collection of proprietary soft goods adds warmth and texture and addresses storage needs such as laundry, recycling, and even includes small durable bags for storing tools.

Longevity is an important element of sustainability. The adaptable design of the system, along with its solid construction and hardwearing materials, ensures a lifetime of use. In addition, Henrybuilt product uses a high percentage of FSC certified woods and a number of materials based on recycled plastics and paper materials.

The panels are available in any size from 21-48 inches wide and 18 inches tall. Available panel materials include a wide range of FSC certified woods, high pressure laminate, and aluminium.