DEDON Monday 14 Apr 2014

For almost 25 years, DEDON has been creating outdoor furniture of unparalleled comfort, quality and style. One of America's leading design talents was invited by the company to use its unique expertise to create a new kind of upholstery: AHNDA by Stephen Burks. Woven with an innovative textile cord, AHNDA shows off the handcraft skills of DEDON's master weavers to full effect.

With characteristic thoughtfulness, Burks has conceived AHNDA as a future collection that would resist categories while embracing luxurious comfort, inimitable hand craftsmanship, advanced materials research and a spirit of openness, inclusiveness and pluralism. Perhaps most striking to the eye, however, is AHNDA's clearly articulated structure, visible through what Burks describes as a ‘transparent upholstery' of woven textile cords. To achieve the effect, Burks worked closely with DEDON's master weavers, immersing himself in the Philippines' rich weaving culture. The cords from which AHNDA is woven have a luxuriously soft, sophisticated feel. Ideally suited for indoors, they are but the latest result of the company's ongoing materials research with Burks, which began with his award-winning DALA collection.

The textural legibility of the cords, woven from two distinct, differently-hued yarns for a subtle melange effect, echoes the textural legibility of the furniture itself. Cosy cushions in a choice of fine fabrics, meanwhile, create a playful, pillowy contrast to AHNDA's open, almost diaphanous weave. Burks imagined the AHNDA lounge chair as coming in high and low-back versions. Based on a circle, the lounger is perfect for curling up, lying across or sitting back in, feet on the footstool. Its posture is inclined enough for relaxation, upright enough for conversation and connection to others.

As a complement to the woven lounge chair and foot stool, Burks conceived a range of AHNDA accessories in a mix of materials, colours and textures. Whether a pair of brightly painted side tables or a teak tray to be placed on the foot stool, all accessories would contribute to a rich, eclectic and indeed pluralistic approach to décor.

AHNDA comes in two rich colour ways: Elemental, comprising rich, warm reds and browns, suggestive of earth and hearth, and Stardust, its silvers, greys and midnight blue hinting at the play of light in the night sky.