White-washed and weathered wood flooring
Wednesday 09 Apr 2014

Keeping things simple may seem an easy option when planning an interior but getting the balance between functional and beautiful takes some careful consideration. Observing the architectural features of your home will give you a good starting point when it comes to planning an interior.  And, once you have established how you need your space to work you can then incorporate your own personal style into the design.

One of the key ways to create a light and neutral living space is to focus on white tones.  A neutral white backdrop will give flexibility to your space but selecting the ‘right' white is an important factor. There are actually 100s of varieties of white finishes to choose from such as ultra-contemporary luminous whites through to chalky rustic more traditional tones.  Mixing and matching textures and shades will give your home a modern yet eclectic feel. 

Ecora supply wood flooring, environmentally friendly paints, and natural furnishings. The flooring specialists are predicting a steady rise in demand for white-washed, distressed and weathered wood flooring this season. Taking inspiration from naturally aged timber such as driftwood, Ecora's collection of distressed and characterful finishes offer a variety of natural looking styles.  From heavily grained and knotted oiled wood floors through to more gently textured chalky white oaks, Ecora have many options for the home. 

The hand-finished Oaks such as Brendan Brushed and Spitalfields both feature an interesting ‘aged' look and ‘reclaimed' feel which has been created by using several techniques such as brushing, distressing and waxing.  For a more contemporary feel, Ecora's Washed Walnut offers a depth of colour yet with a bleached finish. 

Natural Wood Flooring lends itself perfectly to both classic and modern living environments and provides a hardwearing and practical solution. Ecora's finishes include brushed, distressed, scraped, oiled and waxed white, the white wooden floors for this season will combine both function and form.