Cumulus Parasol
Toer Wednesday 02 Apr 2014

The Cumulus Parasol is a solar powered parasol that inflates itself when the sun starts shining, created by Studio Toer. Toer's passion is to explore the boundaries of product and spatial design. The designs are a result of their fascination for simple movements and the emotional impact this can have. This in combination with subtle material use and a straightforward form language identifies the work of Toer. This artificial cumulus is a product of their design interests, it protects the user from the sun by inflating automatically to a cloud like shape when the sun comes out, using a solar panel at its top.

The Parasol inflates in about 20 seconds. The inflated Cumulus has a diameter of two metres and the cloud itself has no metal core structure. The curved shape of the inflated cloud is aerodynamic, allowing it to withstand windy weather and its nylon surface of the Cumulus is durable, lightweight, and strong. Additionally, the silicone coating makes it water proof.

Solar panels are positioned on top of the parasol. When it is sunny, these panels power a fan which inflates the body of the parasol. When the sun goes away the parasol deflates automatically. The parasol can also be switched off using an additional switch which is integrated in the pole.